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CEM in Telecoms Europe Summit 2018: A brief look back

Veröffentlicht von Peter Kleinhans auf Oct 31, 2018 10:00:00 AM


It was two great days of discussing latest trends in telco customer experience management at the CEM in Telecoms Europe Summit in Prague.

About the Summit

More than 50 participants, a vivid mix of telco operators, customer operations executives and representatives of leading CEM solutions providers, shared their experiences and visions on how telco operators have to address customer needs and expectations. There was unanimous agreement that customer experience grows especially important in an era of rapidly changing subscriber preferences and growing competitive pressure not just from traditional telco operators but also from OTT providers.

Focus of the event

Securing a customer centric service journey was a focal topic of many presentations in Prague, next to:

  • addressing the importance of identity-centric service platforms
  • quality of service benchmarking
  • extending customer service reach to social media channels
as well as
  • how AI can help to add even more value to customer interactions in the future

There was broad consensus reached that the combination of customer service process automation and smart decision-making supported by AI holds significant potential for creating even more compelling customer service interactions across digital as well as traditional customer service touchpoints.


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